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  • Derby Wharf, Salem , MA (detail)
  • Dane Street Congregational Church, Beverly, MA (detail)
  • Flamingos, Loxahstchee, FL (detail)
  • The Charles, Boston, MA (detail)
  • Nature’s Paintbrush, Delray Beach, FL (detail)
  • Peppers, Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard, MA (detail)
  • Bearskin Neck, Rockport, MA (detail)
  • Rambutan, Delray Beach, FL (detail)
  • Rubber Plant, Delray Beach, FL (detail)
  • Fireflag, Delray Beach, FL (detail)
  • Buckets, London, England (detail)
  • Steps to Knowledge, Beverly, MA (detail)
  • Tropical View, Delray Beach, FL (detail)
  • Shutters, Amsterdam, Holland (detail)
  • Shopping Carts, Delray Beach, FL (detail)
  • Pilings, Colombia River, Astoria, OR (detail)
  • Battery Park City, NYC, NY (detail)
  • Sky Lines, Portland, OR (detail)